Our Story

A note from the founders

We love keeping our kids and ourselves happy and healthy. When it’s time for something special, we want to give them a drink that’s refreshing, yummy and fun – like soda – but without the sugar or artificial ingredients.

We searched all over the world for a natural sparkling beverage that’s better for you and tastes great too. Guess what? It didn’t exist. So, we decided to create it ourselves. (Yes, we love a challenge!)

Our family spent weeks in the kitchen, experimenting and playing (our favorite thing) with fresh fruity flavors and fizzy water, determined to make an awesome fizz to thrill the taste buds of kids of all ages around the globe.

Finally, we created our first two flavors that the whole family loves, especially the toughest taste testers around, our kids. The final ingredients: love and laughter, with a twist of fun – for a drink that’s real, organic and tastes giggliciously good!

Our family loves a good Giggle. We can’t wait to share our Giggles and great times with you!

– Elle, Adrian & Kids